Our Lady

I have Paris on my mind. I often do. It is a city that holds my heart in its beautifully crafted Belle Epoque arms. A place when I was a child I never thought I’d visit and I have been lucky enough to do so several times. Today, I watched alongside millions as the heart … More Our Lady

A Normal Life

What is a normal life? When I try and picture one, here’s what I get: a steady job, owning a house, perhaps a family, and a yearly vacation. Maybe I have hobbies or a book club. Date nights and binge sessions on the couch. Not so different from what I have now. My weekends would … More A Normal Life

The Unity Card

I read my cards the other day in preparation for Mercury Retrograde. That’s one of the most witchy sentences I have written in a minute. Every once in a while, when I am tuned in properly and focused, I have readings like this one was. I was reading for Mercury Retrograde because things always get … More The Unity Card