The Next Steps

First steps. They are hard, right? When you are about to embark on something new and unfamiliar, making the first move can be terrifying. But then you do it and you’re there! The first awful step is done and now you can continue on the rest of the steps with ease and confidence because the … More The Next Steps

Brienne Of Tarth Deserved Better Writing

This will feature Game of Thrones spoilers. Get out now if you have not watched Season 8 Episode 4. Being a female character in fantasy is challenging. Being a real human woman is equally as challenging. Enter Game of Thrones, a series of books now a television series where female characters are quite powerful, strong, diabolically clever, and … More Brienne Of Tarth Deserved Better Writing

Our Lady

I have Paris on my mind. I often do. It is a city that holds my heart in its beautifully crafted Belle Epoque arms. A place when I was a child I never thought I’d visit and I have been lucky enough to do so several times. Today, I watched alongside millions as the heart … More Our Lady

A Normal Life

What is a normal life? When I try and picture one, here’s what I get: a steady job, owning a house, perhaps a family, and a yearly vacation. Maybe I have hobbies or a book club. Date nights and binge sessions on the couch. Not so different from what I have now. My weekends would … More A Normal Life